College Valley Estates

Walking in the College Valley

Snowy Hill tops Looking down over Hethpool Evening walking

Walkers who seek unspoilt and natural landscapes along with spectacular scenery need look no further. The Valley has over 28 miles of paths and roads. With vehicle restrictions in place the chances are that you will have most of the wilderness to yourself. There are three valleys to explore - The College burn, Lambden burn and the Elsdon burn.


Very broadly the walks can be split as follows -


Valley floor walks

These all start at the carpark just south of Hethpool. From here you have a number of options.

1. Walk up the valley along the road to Southernknowe. Easy walking with access to the river at Southernknowe.

2. St Cuthberts Way, Hethpool Lake and Hethpool Linn.Shady forest paths, picnic by the waterfall and explore around the lake. A little further afield you can walk down to Kirknewton or up onto Yeavering Bell.

3. Two valleys. Walk south towards Whitehall but turn right along the forest path signposted for Trowupburn and then follow the Esldonburn valley back to Hethpool.



Low level walks

Again starting at the car park you have easy access to the Easter Tors and Great Hetha.

Great Hetha and the hillforts along the Elsdonburn provide pleasant walking with great views. Ring Chesters abover Elsdonburn is the largest hillfort.



High level walks

These tend to start at either Dunsdale / Goldsceugh or Mounthooly and from here these is easy access to the Cheviot itself or of course the Schil.



Further reading

Books about walking in the Valley include:


Walking the Cheviots Classic Circular Routes by Ed Baker

The Cheviot Hills as well as Walks from Wooler. Both by Geoff Holland

Jon Monks, Shepherds Walks Walk 20: The Schil and Walk 22: Broadsruther.