College Valley Estates

Photography in the College Valley

The valley offers great opportunities for photography.


Photography in the College ValleyWildlife
The goats and birds are popular subjects. The goats are usually up on the Tors on the eastern side of the valley. Grouse can usually be seen up there as well.


The Hills
Climbing up the Cheviot from Dunsdale offers some of the best views. You can see down the length of the Valley and also across the Great Moor to Commonburn house. Braydon crags offers shelter as well as elevation. And of course you have the remains of the Flying Fortress from WW2 nearby.
The Schill offers outstanding views along the border ridge and down into Scotland.
The Tors along the east side of the Valley allow close up photographs of the heather through all the stages of land management from just burnt to regenerated. Great Hetha itself offers the easiest and


The Rivers
The College Burn offers good photo opportunites at Hethpool Linn as well as further up the valley where the road to the Lambden Valley crosses via a bridge and a ford. The Hetha and Esldon Burns flowing down the western part of the estate also offer good pictures.


Photography in the College ValleyThe Sheep
The sheep around Hethpool Mill often provide the best opportunity for photographers. Whether it is catching them being driven down Great Hetha or just quietly grazing amongs the stone circles these are not to be missed.


Flowers and Nature
There are miles of paths around the Valley and all of them will give you good opportunities for photographs. In the spring the yellow gorse along the College Burn is very distinctive.Coem summer and the Valley is full of purple fox gloves. From late July through to November the heathers will flower and bring their own charm to the Valley.

The Harrowbog
Offers a unique opportunity to study and photograph amongst the largest surviving area of semi natural woodland in the National Park.

Cheviots from Ford