College Valley Estates

Downloads inc. our Newsletters

There are a number of PDF files which will help anyone interested in the Valley to find out more information

Map of the Valley

Land Use within the Valley

Places/farms/hamlets in the Valley

Location and how to find the Valley


Our newsletters provide an interesting resource to show the issues which have been of concern across the years.

Newsletter - 1

Newsletter - 2

Newsletter - 3

Newsletter - 4

Newsletter - 5

Newsletter - 6

Newsletter - 7

Newsletter - Spring 2010

Newsletter - Spring 2011

Newsletter - Spring 2013

Newsletter - Summer 2014

Newsletter - Summer 2015

Newsletter - Summer 2016 

Newsletter - Summer 2017

Newsletter - Summer 2018


Trafalgar wood, just on your right hand side as you crest the rise before descending into the valley, was planted on the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar. There is a lot of interesting historical detail within this pdf.

Trafalgar Woods and Collingwood speech.


We then have three surveys covering key issues, conservation, the goats and integrated land use.

Integrated land use study - 2006

Feral goat study

Harrowbog vegetation survey


And finally a download to remember how the Alnwick guides came to study in the Valley

Alnwick guides in the valley