College Valley Estates

Car permits and access to the Valley

Hethpool and the entrance into the Valley Bridge at Dunsdale looking towards The Bizzle

Visitors are welcome to the estate. There is a free car park just beyond Hethpool. We want you and everyone else to enjoy this special place but please remember it is a place of work for those who live and work there and for your enjoyment and safety and theirs please follow the Countryside Code.


  • Check the weather forecast before you leave and don't be afraid to turn back
  • Guard against all risks of fire, especially in forest areas. Do not light any fires and please ensure that all matches are well extinguished before dropping them.
  • Don't damage or remove rocks, plants or trees - they are homes and food for insects, birds and animals.
  • Litter can be dangerous to wildlife and farm animals - take rubbish home with you
    Keep your dog under close control, especially near stock
  • Consider others - drive carefully on country lanes and give way to walkers when you're on a bike.
  • Please leave all property and gates as you find them


Directions to College Valley can be found here, a downloadable pdf is also available.


Access by car on the private road, south of Hethpool, is restricted to 12 cars per day. A permit to use the estate roads by car can be purchased from Savills, Glendale Road, Wooler (opening hours Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm). If a permit is needed for a Saturday or Sunday it should be requested (from Savills) by sending in the date, vehicle registration number, payment of £10 per car per day (cheques payable to ‘College Valley Estates Limited’) and a stamped and addressed envelope. There is a charge of £10 a car. This contributes to the considerable cost of maintaining the Estate's private roads. Permits CANNOT BE RESERVED and are given on a first come first served basis. Tel. No. 01668 281611 or email


Car permits are not issued during the lambing season April/May.

Visitors who are staying in self-catering cottages or the Bunkhouse at Mount Hooley, parties using the Cuddystone Hall and those involved in events authorised by the estate will have free permits. Youth groups, students and other educational groups can also apply for free passes for the use of the roads from The Estate Office, email

If you are walking on your own let someone know where you are going and roughly when you expect to return, if that is impractical leave a note on your car dashboard where it can be viewed from outside and include a telephone number in case of emergency.


When driving in the valley, please take care. The private roads are narrow and are not maintained to Highway standards, there are a lot of potholes, fords, blind corners and summits, people and livestock roam freely across the roads.