College Valley Estates

College Valley - Calendar and Seasons


It can be easy to forget that the Valley is a working place, the seasons drive what goes on and there is a solidity which comes from the repetition of this cycle across the centuries.

Throughout the year the valley offers wonders to find, be it local wildlife, archaeology, plant life, views, history or the amazing effect which nature has on the land from sparkling icicles to waterfalls.


January and February.

Often there is snow on the higher hills as well as on the roads. The Valley is quiet with few visitors. The hillsides take on a brown hue with the dead bracken.


March and April.

With the coming of spring the lambs are born and the trees and shrubs start to come to life. Daffodils flower around Hethpool and the activities on the farms increase. Easter brings the first influx of visitors but even with this the Valley is quiet.


May and June.

The gorse comes into flower bringing its heady vanilla smell to the Valley. The stretch between Hethpool and Whitehall is where the gorse is best.


July and August.

The peak time for visitors and the College fete is held in early August alongside the neolithic stone circle. The bracken starts to turn red as a foretaste to the autumn ahead.


September and October.

Autumn comes to the Valley and the trees around Hethpool lake are particularly beautiful. The bracken is now a deep red colour across the fellsides. Sheep are sold on, wood cut and fences mended after the busy summer.


November and December.

The first snows will probably arrive around Christmas and are guaranteed to disrupt travel to friends and relatives over the festivities.